Jewson Film was founded 10 years ago, by Vicky Jewson, then aged 18. In 2002 Jewson met producing partner Rupert Whitaker, who now co-owns the company. Jewson Film/Whitaker Media is an independent film production company which develops and produces films for worldwide release, featuring female protagonists.

Jewson Film’s recent project BORN OF WAR hit US screens on Jan 13th 2015 released by Lionsgate films. Arclight Films have sold the movie to 16 territories worldwide thus far, including theatrical releases in Japan and in the UK later this year with Lionsgate on May 1st.  It is Director Vicky Jewson’s second film (made aged 26), and underlines her focus to tell the stories of complex female protagonists in action scenarios.  Jewson is working on her next feature, currently in script development. This film, provisionally entitled CLOSE, focuses on the undercover dangerous world of covert operations. Operatives work in what is known as “The Circuit,” a closed but well-established network primarily made up of former Special Forces soldiers. You can count of one hand the number of women in this line of work.

Jewson Film/Whitaker Media packages finance and talent to create unique films aimed at an International audience. JF/WM is based in Oxford, England with offices in London.



Jewson Film is supported by a board of private investors from many industry sectors. Investors benefit from EIS tax relief. Some of these members also sit on the board of Jewson Film and provide invaluable advise; utilizing their extensive knowledge from their own professional expertise on legal matters, business issues and company growth.

Jewson Film has the support of Oxfordshire businesses. These businesses include FlairJet, Oxford London Airport, JJ Marketing, Jewson Holdings and The Oxford Film and Video Company.

For investor enquires please contact [email protected]